> About Estelle

I revel in getting to know someone; to draw out those moments of erotic anticipation.

Please indulge me in your passions, I'm a very good listener. With a glass of wine in hand, I love nothing more than delving into discussions, sharing in the depth and breadth of human experience, and whiling away the night hours.

I value meaningful connection and human intimacy, evident in the honest love for the work I do. Affectionate, playful and charming, you'll feel completely as ease in my presence.

A worldly and educated woman, when we meet, you'll find me nothing less than genuine and engaging, completely present in your company.

I hold a deep curiosity for human sexuality. I love uncovering the quirks and kinks, the little sensual details... A hedonist myself, I seek pleasure for pleasures sake. But don't be fooled, underneath my sexual prowess, is an utter romantic, who lives to connect through head and heart.

I delight in beauty, and the finer things in life, and you will find me always immaculately dressed and groomed. Often clad in elegant and chic Melbourne black.


Location Melbourne, Australia
Age 26
Height 168 cm
Dress Size 8
Hair Curly brunette
Body Type Slim with curves
Eyes Green


Music - gigs and collecting vinyl
Film - weirder and darker the better
Reading - modern classics and non-fiction
Politics and social studies
Art - especially the political - love modern and contemporary art
Travel - have been around, hope to go back to Japan on my next trip
Gender and sexuality studies - current graduate studies focus
Good company and conversation - fill my heart and mind
Good food and wine - delicious
Lingerie - strap me up and dress me in black
Learning - knowledge hungry
New experiences - thrill seeker