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Due to state legislation, I am unable to provide specific details of my services. Please contact me for more information on the services I offer.

Nothing particular in mind? Then let's joyfully slip into something more comfortable and indulge in sensual intimacy. Your flirty and attentive girlfriend by the hour.

As an open minded and passionate lover of sex and sexuality, you can rest assured that my boundaries are fairly open. Good communication and mutual respect are however key to ensuring we have a wonderful time together.

I also welcome clients of all ages (18+), gender, background and persuasion. I only discriminate on the basis of manners.

Additionally: only protected services are provided. I am a strong advocate of safe sex practices and enthusiastic consent.

Doubles and Couples

I am available for threesome services with couples and other escorts. You are welcome to choose your other lover or I am happy to recommend someone. I am authentically bi-sexual and adore group sex. I bring a warm playfulness, eagerness to please, catering to first-timers or seasoned playmates.

Ms Estelle

For those seeking a kinky girlfriend experience or sensual domination. I welcome singles, couples; those wanting to explore our bodies and our minds. Here I offer kink and fetish with the delights of sex and sensuality. Absolute hedonism and romantic intimacy, yes we can have it all.

Please get in contact to discuss particular fantasies or fetishes you would like me to accommodate. I do not judge, I welcome weird - though encourage open communication. Tease me with your ideas, lend me some details, and let me make your dreams a reality xx

Mistress Estelle

Hello perverts, slaves, kinksters and newcomers,

Surrender to me, and let me draw you into the dark depths of the mind.

I introduce myself to you, as Mistress Estelle. A woman of sadism and sensuality, intellect and charm - with the beauty of an old Hollywood star and the alternative edge of a modern femme fatale.

My power manifests in the provision of erotic pain and sensual pleasure; seducing you into the world of fetish, fantasy and the forbidden. Allow yourself to be vulnerable, to bend to my control.

I thrive in the perverse, while offering the empathy afforded by my companion background. Each session I offer is tailored to your experience, comfort levels and desires. Let me open you up and introduce you to new sensations or familiar pleasures.

I carry myself with the confidence and composure of a woman beyond my years. My skills in the erotic arts developed through formal training, years as a pleasure professional, and research driven by my own interest and passion in human sexuality.

The world of BDSM to me is both immensely stimulating and rewarding. Let’s explore the smack, the tease, the play of power. While I offer a wide range of services, currently I favour corporal punishment, bondage, erotic torture, tease and denial, sensory deprivation, role play, strap-on play and servitude. I have a penchant for latex also, equipped to satisfy those with a mutual appreciation.

Get in touch and speak to me what your heart desires.

Looking forward to your worship and servitude,